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We are happy to share our love, skills and knowledge about music in workshops and individual classes

with you.

Welcome to

tagtigall - music. movement. meditation.

We are located in the center of vibrating Berlin near the unique Tempelhofer Flugfeld, which lately has been transformed into a huge playground for children, adults and ideas.

Reflecting this unique atmosphere we invite you to play.

Play music.

Play and discover your movements.

Play and experience silence.

As the strings of the violin resonates with the body, we all are but instruments which from time to time forget to play, to be played, to perform the center role in our lifes.

To remember the connection with our inner being and wisdom must not be difficult. It needs a bit commitment, patience and devotion. Thats all.

We offer some tools to reveal this connection. Feel free to try out which tool suits you in your present situation.

music  movement  meditation?


Let's find out!

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